Groovy Chair,
Pierre Paulin

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1964 — 66 x 85 x 64 cm

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The Groovy armchair by Pierre Paulin is a classic.

Its soft and elegant shape highlights its function while accentuating comfort and aesthetics. As a single piece or in a pair, it brings a sculptural dimension to a refined room matching easily all kind of atmosphere.

As comfortable as it is functional, its compact size allows the Groovy to find its place in a bedroom as well as in the living room. The Groovy consists of a wide, fully padded seat and backrest that provide good back support and are connected by aluminum glides.

In 1964 Pierre Paulin presented the F580 model, the first version of the Groovy armchair. This model is one of the great achievements of the period from 1958 to 1968 during which, inspired in particular by car industry,  he used tubular structures covered with molded foam and stretch textile to gain lightness and strength while allowing industrialization.

In the early 1970s, the F598 Groovy armchair took its final shape and enjoyed great success until the end of the edition. Paulin, Paulin, Paulin, in parallel with his collections of rare or never-before-published models, is now creating a new catalog devoted to the industrial icons of Pierre Paulin.

Result of a close collaboration between Paulin, Paulin, Paulin and knitting specialists, the Streamknit collection is the outcome of Pierre Paulin’s dream for the layout of his tubular seatings.

In 1957, Pierre Paulin discovers extensible jersey textiles during a swimsuit fashion show. Impressed by the way they mold the organic forms, he sees in this fabric the solution to realize his visions.

In the manner of a human body, the three layers – skeleton, dermis and epidermis – are transposed in Paulin’s seatings by tubular structures covered with mold then sheathed with extensible fabric.

From 1958 – creation date of the Mushroom chair – and for the next decade, Pierre Paulin creates models following this pattern and opens a new way for design, offering a pure vision on sculptural forms that can be looked at under any angle and without flaws.

Furniture sculptor, he relies on an approach where are combined function, form, substance and color ; and starts a trend that will be abundantly declined by his peers. 

Only shade to this technical revolution, it is at the time necessary to make a seam to form the covers, the result is great but improvable, letting slight gathers and pockets appearing on the fabric.

Based upon Pierre Paulin’s idea and bringing the technical improvements that he had anticipated, the Streamknit collection answers that issue. Declined in seven colors, the Streamknit covers are tailor-knitted, adapted to Pierre Paulin’s design and are from now on made without seams, so that they can perfectly hug the models.


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