Yukigaya House
Tokyo, Japan

In order to offer an intimate perception of Pierre Paulin’s oeuvre, Paulin Paulin Paulin initiated in 2019 a series of domestic exhibition presenting the designer’s furniture within some major architectures of the 21st century.

The first show took place in « Villa Lemoine » by Rem Koolhaas, allowing guests to interact with architecture and design through a sensitive approach. For Part 2, «Yukigaya House » will exhibit a selection of about twenty works of furniture by Pierre Paulin in a private house built by Taniguchi and associates.

Each of the pieces have been settled in specific areas of the house to emphasis on their function. They have been selected for their relation with Japanese culture and their connection with the characteristics of the house. Archival documents and videos punctuate the visit, giving an overview of the historical context of Pierre Paulin’s creations.

The house, newly restored by Taniguchi and associates, have been saved from a possible destruction by a young Japanese entrepreneur, sharing with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin the same will of preserving modern patrimony. Starting from the postulate that the era of modernity was probably over in many respects, mainly for ecological reasons, we believe that certain major modernist works must, as testimonies, be protected and passed on to future generations.

Exhibition views © Satoshi Nagare