Video Barnum / TSSX prototype (1985/2023)

TSSX, initially named “the Video Barnum” is a brand-new design imagined by Pierre Paulin in 1985 for the Grand Palais in Paris and designed as an avant-garde attempt at media technology.

The modular chair structure, made up of five ‘Tapis-Siège’ which when connected can seat up to 32 people, was designed to furnish the entirety of a reading, listening or viewing room.

Paulin, Paulin, Paulin, wishing to pursue the dreams of the designer, has updated this project by including the SOUND-X technology in it. Initially developed for the hearing-impaired community, it is fitted inside the back of each seat of the TSSX to allow for an immersive experience for all users.

The Tapis-Siège displayed in the third room of this exhibition is one of the five elements that will make up the TSSX in its final form.

It was made with the cooperation of NIKE, which have allowed us to use the FlyKnit technology to develop the motif designed by Paulin and inspired by his Jardins à la Française.

From the beginning, Nike and Pierre Paulin have shared the same desire to innovate in the field of textiles, enabling the improvement of their applications in both furnishing and sports.