Pierre Paulin Program: Des idées courbes, des formes libres
Château La Coste, France

Pierre Paulin Program: Des idées courbes, des formes libres
May – Sept. 2023
Pavillon Oscar Niemeyer – Château La Coste


The presentation celebrates the use of curves in the poetic and visionary productions of these two major figures of the 20th century.

Pierre Paulin is one of the most important and influential French designers of the 20th century. His innovative designs of the 1950s to the 1980s combined functionality and artist expression and are considered iconic examples of mid-century modern furniture design.


Oscar Niemeyer is one of the first exponents of modern architecture in Latin America and remains famous for the iconic buildings he designed when Brasília, the capital of Brazil, was created.

Pierre Paulin is widely recognised as one of the most influential designers of his time. Throughout his career, he was deeply committed to the principles of modernism, emphasising simplicity, functionality, and the use of new materials and technologies. The production is based on the limitless potential of a dual layout based on a perfect grid configuration, where horizontal and vertical elements can be used as floors, seated elements and storage partitions, offering endless combinations of living spaces.