Bleu Méditerranée
Art Museum of Toulon

India Mahdavi is the curator and scenographer of an exhibition at the Art Museum of Toulon, she stages the beautiful contemporary art collection built by the city of Toulon.
“If I chose the blue, or rather the blues, it is to celebrate the Mediterranean sea through a choice of artworks from the Art Museum of Toulon’s collection; sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs. This is how the Breast by César (1967) and the Teatrino concetto spaziale by Lucio Fontana (1964) cohabit with the l’Île Maïre II by Vincent Bioulès (1994). In this hanging, a Incomplete Open Cube by Sol LeWitt (1973) adjoins a gathering of blue gauloises by Pierre Buraglio (1978).

It is not for all that a standardization by the monochrome. Because the blue is in my eyes much more than just a color. This is a universes that evokes the South, all the South, it moves me particularly because it expresses infinity, the dream, the softness. I made many projects on the side of the Mediterranean sea, from Monaco to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The blue, it’s a sky in cupola, all round. I am an Oriental woman raised in Occident, a rootless multicultural woman for whom the blue is a red thread: the one that links the sea to the sky, a blue of all possible, just like the Dune Ensemble by Pierre Paulin, loaned specially by Benjamin Paulin for the exhibition.” India Mahdavi