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Pierre Paulin
Lacquered wood structure with foam and textile Lacquered wood base and side table
80 × 210 × 210 cm

The Tapis-Siège, imagined from a sheet of paper accidentally horned, synthesizes Paulin’s Yemenite and Japanese inspirations, offering a modular system that allows the four angles to rise or fall according to the circumstances. Like the Dune Ensemble or the Déclive, it is one of those models that forms a sort of missing link between the classic sitting on a sofa and lying down in a bed offering an intermediate possibility.

The Tapis-Siège holds a very special place in the work of Pierre Paulin, it will come back continually in his designs and will be offered in vain to his successive editors.

At the very beginning of the 1980s, Paulin had two prototypes of Tapis-Siège manufactured for his personal use Rue des Ursulines, in a simplified formula. One of these two models is now in the Centre Pompidou’s collections. The most successful study of the Tapis-Siège, but also the most demanding, is unequivocally the one developed for the Pierre Paulin Program, initially designed for Herman Miller, who finally abandoned the project in 1972.

It is this first late edition, that Paulin, Paulin, Paulin has been developing for a few years and that we are now offering to import into your space.

The Tapis siège is available to order
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